Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Story

Hello to the friends, family, friends of a friend, neighbors, colleagues, classmates and e-acquaintances of Alicia or Christine! This is a new adventure for both of us and we hope you will welcome us into your inbox! Here’s our story...

We (Alicia and Christine) met over the Internet while commenting on blogs but we have never met (as of this posting). Alicia lives in Minnesota and Christine resides in Florida. Our Internetship blossomed and we soon discovered a common goal--To keep up with kids half our age and marketing pros who know the latest technology in social marketing. The world of blogs, Facebooks and Digg Its and widgets are evolving faster and fossilizing the current dinosaur methods of static websites and banner ads used by most companies. In today’s uncertain world where job security is a luxury of the past, we decided to home school and hone our skills (62,000 Americans lost their job this month already). We joined forces and began our self-tutorial on how to build blogs, add widgets and get Digg its. More importantly, our goal is have fun and share the fruits of our labor with you—our friends and family.

What to expect? READ ON!

It’s A Bird, it’s a Plane, NO! It’s a BLOG!
For our various blogs, we chose to research or share from personal experience a potpourri of helpful tips, myth busters and a sprinkling of humor. For example:

· Forget collecting coins in a porcelain piggy bank—turn your home into a cash cow!
· Learn how to get the best seats on a specific flight for your family.
· Ladies, wouldn’t you love to know how Christine gets her clothes for FREE?

Maximum three times a month, Potpourri Newsletter will be sent from So please add this e-address to your address book so it won’t go to your Junk or Spam box.

We realize you probably receive a lot of junk mail and our promise is :
1- Not to bombard you
2- Keep the e-newsletter short and sweet

We are both learning the bright world of blogs and web design as we go. Our goal is to learn, have fun and make your day a little brighter with a tip or chuckle [please pardon any technical hiccups or irregularities which may occur].

If a title or subjects interests you, click it. If not just skip it (or cluck it). This isn’t just any e-mail or website. It’s a community website where you can share your hot tips or secrets and stories to enliven the experience. Just click on “Comment”.

This e-newsletter reaches folks in Florida, Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, California and countries as far as Brazil, Ecuador, Scotland, Australia and Sweden—all one or two degrees of separation from Alicia and Christine. If we missed your state or country, let us know so you can join our small world after all.

BDF It—Bookmark It, Digg It, Forward It
Feel free to Bookmark a blog. Just click on the BOOKMARK link and a popup of different sites you use to socialize or network (ie. MySpace, Facebook) will appear. The blog will be added to your site of choice. Not that advanced? Don’t worry we don’t have a Facebook or MySpace YET! Just add it to your FAVORITE web sites (that’s the one with the star).

If you especially enjoy the tip or story, click DIGG and the link will automatically be sent to the Digg It community for others to read.

FORWARD the e-newsletter to your list of contacts as we’d love to connect with the entire world and get different responses from the four corners of the world. So BDF it with your BFFs (that’s teen lexicon for “Best Friends Forever” for those slightly older than Generations X and Y or who do not have teenagers).

If you are reading this as a result of receiving the Potpourri Newsletter and can’t take one more monthly email, please reply to this email and enter UNSUBSCRIBE and your name will be removed from our list. Or you can bookmark the blogs after the first edition and visit anytime. However, the newsletter will not always direct you to the same blogs.

Welcome! We hope to make your day a little brighter.